Santa Fe is a city that’s typically known for hot, dry weather, but when you make a trip out to the Santa Fe mountains the weather cools down, and excellent skiing conditions are available during the winter months of the year. You can cool off while enjoying some of the best skiing in the southwest when you visit Santa Fe, but make sure that you have your Ski Santa Fe Lodging picked out and ready to go before you ever make the trip to the area. There are no on-site lodging options available, but many of the top hotels are within a short driving distance from the resort.

Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort is one of the closest Ski Santa Fe Lodging options available and one of the most highly rated. Imagine staying in a rustic cabin in the woods with a private terrace and world class room service at your command. That is what you get when you stay at this hotel. There is public transportation available to take you downtown, and the rooms come complete with cozy fireplaces that you can relax around at the end of the night after a day out on the slopes in brisk weather.

Ten Thousand Waves

The Ten Thousand Waves resort is known for offering top-tier suites with private hot tubs and special amenities that you won’t find at many other locations. The rooms are spread apart and carefully designed to preserve privacy for everyone. While staying at this hotel, you’ll walk up and down peaceful pathways and feel separated from the rest of the visitors. A spa is located onsite, and most of the rooms are outfitted with modern bathrooms and built-in fireplaces that make relaxing at the end of the day easier than you would expect.

Bishops Lodge and Resort

Bishops Lodge and Resort is the ideal rustic hotel destination to rely on when you’re traveling with large groups of people. The rooms are outfitted nicely and can accommodate between two and eight people each. There are large group lounge areas and balconies to relax on. Rely on the fine dining room to get a bite to eat after skiing, or enjoy one of the nighttime parties that are thrown in the lounge of the hotel, complete with live bands.

Pueblo Encantado

Pueblo Encantado is more of a large home than it is a hotel. You’ll feel right at home as you lounge in one of the comfortable chairs or couches in the lounge area of the facility. Each of the rooms is handsomely outfitted and spacious, providing more than enough room for every member of your visiting group. The hotel is known for offering a high level of privacy and preserving that outdoor feel while away from the mountains themselves. You can relax in the mountains and take in the sunset after finishing your day of skiing. There is an outdoor pool, but many of the amenities aren’t available to enjoy in the winter. The cozy lodge and fine dining help make this hotel into a memorable experience and one that is conveniently close to the Santa Fe Ski resort.

No matter which Ski Santa Fe Lodging option that you choose, you’ll enjoy the calm mountain atmosphere that most of them offer and high-quality rooms that are ideal for relaxing in after a hard day of skiing.