Sipapu is a fun destination for families looking to escape the heat and enjoy the cool of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. If you decide you want to enjoy the world-class skiing that the mountains provide, it’s important to work out your lodging in advance. The resort comes with multiple on-site lodging options but is located close enough to Taos to make staying off-site possible and not too inconvenient either. No matter how you decide to stay while taking your vacation, you can find lodging that meets all of your needs perfectly.

Compact Spaces

When you aren’t concerned with having all the amenities of home, it’s possible to stay for very affordable rates in one of the apartments or bunk rooms. The apartments offer space for between two and twelve people. Some apartments include a kitchen, while other apartments are more minimalistic. Bunk rooms are a more basic form of lodging for groups of between two and four people. They come complete with bunk beds and offer dorm-style living; that’s perfect for the families and friends that aren’t worried about fancy amenities, and are more concerned with the entertainment offered by Sipapu.

Full House Lodging

When you’re traveling with a large group, Sipapu has a plethora of options for you to choose from. Full-sized families will enjoy the recently renovated Adobe House that sleeps between three and twelve, and offers privacy with a close location to the amenities. Lodge rooms are one of the most friendly options for large groups of visitors. They are closest to the ski lifts and sleep between three and eight people each. The best part about these spacious units is that they can be reserved together by the same group for fun at night. For a more standard hotel experience, there are a few hotels located right next to the disc golf course. Visitors that would prefer sleeping in a traditional hotel room will feel right at home in one of these venues, and the best part is that many of them are included with a $44 lift ticket.

Nearby Taos Lodging

While there are many different lodging options right at Sipapu, if you would rather stay offsite and travel to go skiing and enjoy the resort, there’s a cluster of quality hotels 20 miles east in Taos. This little town offers a variety of hotels to stay in, but one of the most highly rated is the Hampton Inn. This hotel is known for its high-quality rooms, and the included breakfast each morning that you stay.

Another highly rated option in Taos is the Shady Brook Inn and Resort. It’s a more rustic and homey hotel, but it tends to cost more per night than the Hampton Inn does. Each of the well-appointed rooms offers ample space for a full family, and all of the additional amenities such as the terrace, picnic area, and built-in restaurant, makes it easy to relax and enjoy your visit while at Sipapu. Many nearby lodging options are available, but whichever one you choose will make it convenient to head over to the mountains and ski each day.