Sipapu Resort is not only for skiing in the winter months but for visiting in the summer months and making the most of your vacation time. Providing numerous activities in both seasons, as well as nearby amenities and accommodations, Sipapu is a destination for many families wishing to escape everyday life. Enjoy the benefits that come from this resort.


There are plenty of accommodations to make use of while visiting Sipapu, such as the cabins, apartments, main house, camping sites, lodge rooms, duplexes and hotels that you’re able to stay at for free when you purchase an all-day lift ticket. Each accommodation provides enough space for the entire family, food and comfort during your stay. Enjoy stay and play packages that vary, depending on your needs and where you choose to stay, and what you’d like to do during your time at the resort.


Enjoy New Mexico’s best riverside dining restaurant at the Riverside Cafe. Family friendly, and with an extensive menu, there is something for everyone on the list. Happy hour specials are also served, as well as top shelf liquors for those that want to unwind after a long day.

Though the Riverside Cafe is the go-to for many families in the area, there are also fast food and small dinner options outside of Sipapu Resort. As well as the General Store that provides groceries and treats for those staying within the resorts’ grounds, as well as items if you happen to leave anything behind at home, and need to find something.


With activities that happen throughout the resort the whole year, you’re able to find something that fits the needs that you have. Enjoy family movie nights, fish Fridays, cardboard derby, snowboard demos and skiing shows that are put on for the guests that arrive to make the most of their vacations with the resort. They have many activities, attractions, and events for one and all.

When visiting Sipapu Resort, you can expect to enjoy a lot of fun whether you’re going in the summer or the winter. Enjoy the icy slopes that you can glide down, take lessons to learn how or rent your gear for the time of your life. Enjoy activities throughout the weeks that invite you to take part in many fun snow and winter activities, and enjoy the restaurants and accommodations that you chose for your stay. There is much to be found at Sipapu Resort.