Conveniently located just 30 minutes north east of Santa Fe, NM, Ski Santa Fe is a great choice for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Santa Fe is self-described as a skier’s paradise, and with a reputation like that you’ll probably be ready to hit the slopes the moment you get there. In order to make the best of your winter vacation, it’s important to plan ahead. This is especially true when considering equipment. While purchasing your own equipment has its perks, renting can be a huge budget saver. There’s a variety of rental options both on and off the mountain at Ski Santa Fe, and we’ve got you covered with the best places to score Santa Fe ski rentals.

Ski Packages for Less

Most resorts rent out equipment at inflated “window” rates. For that reason, it’s important to browse rental gear as early and often as possible to avoid those prices. The general rule is that the earlier you browse, the better prices will be. For the most current deals, you should always check online with us. We guarantee to show you the best prices and discounts available for Santa Fe ski rentals.

Another way to save money on Santa Fe ski rentals is to check out off-site rental shops. At Ski Santa Fe, a Ski Rental package with skis, boots, and poles will cost you $32. Snowboard Rentals are priced even higher at $38 for a snowboard and boots. A solid alternative to check out is Ski Tech located in the city of Santa Fe. There, an Economy Ski Package runs $29, while an Economy Snowboard Package costs $30. Sure, the discount on the ski package isn’t much – but renting an Economy Snowboard Package will save you 20% compared to Ski Santa Fe prices.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although off-site shops may be less convenient, they usually make up for that in pricing. Additionally, most local ski rental shops offer services and products that are just as high quality as what you’d find at a resort. For example, Ski Tech offers brands ranging from Head to Rossignol. Also remember that our website will help you find the best places and prices to score Santa Fe ski rentals.

Another tip about Santa Fe ski rentals and gear: purchase what you really need. For example, merino or synthetic wool socks can really maximize comfort and warmth while on the mountain. These socks are also moisture-wicking, so they’ll dry much faster than cotton socks. It’s also wise to consider purchasing a helmet and good goggles. For avid skiers, purchasing a helmet is best since they’re easy to pack and absolutely necessary. It’s imperative to put your safety first while participating in any winter sport, no matter how experienced you are. Once you’ve got the gear covered, you can focus on the best part of any ski trip: hitting the slopes.

 The following is a list of ski rental shops near Sandia Peak

Ski Tech, Santa Fe, NM:

Cottam’s Ski Shops, Santa Fe, NM: