No matter which resort you choose to ski at in New Mexico, they will be happy to rent you whatever ski equipment you need. Keep in mind that the resort window prices are going to be the highest prices in the area. There are some key ways you can save money on your rentals, because after all, it’s your hard-earned money.

Saving Money in New Mexico

The easiest way to save big money on your New Mexico ski rentals is to plan early. After all, like anything vacation related, waiting until the last minute all but guarantees you will be paying the highest possible price. Let us help you save money. By booking with us, we can get you up to a 20 percent discount.

There’s pretty much three reasons, and three reasons alone, why people get their New Mexico ski rentals at the resort:

  • You don’t mind paying extra for the convenience of picking up your gear at the resort.
  • There are no rental shops in the immediate vicinity, and you’re driving a compact car that doesn’t have the storage room for even standard length skis..
  • People who don’t realize just how big the savings can be renting equipment away from the resort and who end up paying more than they should.

Before paying those prices, stop in town and check out local ski shops. For example, if you’re skiing Taos, the walk up price for a basic ski package is $29 per day for multiple days. However, if you stop in at Big Horn Sports in nearby Red River, the same package costs only $18 per day.

Is there a Difference between Resort and Ski Shop Equipment?

There is no major difference between the gear you get at the resorts and the equipment you find at smaller shops. The gear at the shops may be gear that has been returned or last year’s models, but the differences will be negligible. After all, do you really know the difference between a Rossignol and a K2 ski? Wherever you get your gear, you’re going to be happy with it as you hit the slopes.

You should consider purchasing a helmet instead of renting one. While rental helmets are cleaned and inspected after every use, you still don’t know what kind of wear and tear they’ve seen. A typical helmet rental is $10 per day, while a new helmet costs only $80. If you’re skiing more than a week in your lifetime, it makes financial sense to buy your helmet.

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