There is nothing better than to hit the slopes for an afternoon of fun. The problem that many skiers face when hitting the slopes is lift ticket prices. There is no need to fret, however, since there are solutions to this. The solution is to obtain discount Sandia Peak lift tickets.

Steer Clear of High Prices

The one mistake that most skiers make is to think they can get their lift tickets right at the window, at the last minute. However, this is something you want to avoid. The reason for this is that by buying your lift tickets at the window, you will be paying full price for those tickets. This means you will not have access to discount Sandia Peak lift tickets.

Steer Clear of Half Day Tickets

When thinking about discount Sandia Peak lift tickets, you may think that purchasing half day lift tickets are the way to go. However, this is something else you want to avoid. Purchasing half day lift tickets will cost you more an hour than skiing all day. While you will save $15, you won’t get a full day of skiing. And really, who wants to ski just half a day anyways? Not many people want to go skiing for just a little bit and then spend the rest of the day watching everyone else on the slopes skiing and having a good time.

Discount Sandia Peak Lift Tickets

Your best choice for discount Sandia Peak lift tickets is to get them in advance. You are probably wondering how you get them in advance right? Well, the key is to buy your lift tickets online as soon as you know you will be headed to the slopes. This way, you can get your lift tickets ahead of time for the best discount. We will publish all of our discounts, so get in touch with us to assist you with planning your perfect day on the slopes.

Other Ways to Help You Save

If for some reason, you cannot get advanced lift tickets, there are other ways for you to save money. If you can’t get your hands on advanced lift tickets, check out the Peak Plus Card that Sandia Peak offers. With the Peak Plus Card, you get a $25 discount off the purchase of a full day lift ticket. You can use this card all ski season long and there are no restrictions. If you are a military active duty member, you pay just $40 for a full day lift ticket. The key here is to help you save money so you don’t pay full price for your ski lift tickets at Sandia Peak.